Amazon Music

Amazon Music created a new DG focused label spotlight, a Rediscover DG playlist and we’ve become the first label to promote and curate our own radio station on Amazon Music – just say, “Alexa, play Deutsche Grammophon” and wait for the magic to happen!


Our partner IDAGIO launched a brand new label room for DG - the first time they have created this dedicated section to one label with a dedicated DG 125 playlist – just in time for our birthday!


Qobuz created a whole series of DG playlists on their service – from dedicated artist spotlights, to neoclassical and iconic soundtracks on the yellow label.


We've made it easier for users to elevate their videos by seamlessly incorporating DG's music from our dedicated playlist, take a look all the recordings on offer when adding music to your video via our anniversary banner. Check out #classicalmusic for more great content from our artists.


We're excited to share that Deezer has spotlighted Deutsche Grammophon's anniversary on their classical homepage. Users can now explore a curated selection of our anniversary playlist and highlighted albums.


Explore our Label Focus on TIDAL, featuring the latest DG releases and recordings.

Google Arts & Culture

You can now explore our fabulous DG Cover Stories exhibition in an immersive Pocket Gallery, complete with audio excerpts. There’s also a great new Google Arts & Culture Story all about the cutting-edge technology behind our Original Source vinyl series.